Putting a label on it

We’re often asked to put a label on what Route 22 is or are. Some have tried to describe us as a ‘lifestyle brand’ but that’s just not us. We’re no more or no less than that. We’re just a community of guys ‘n girls that organises awesome events and lets members showcase their cars in whatever way they want.

Route 22 was started by a group of friends who wanted to create an inclusive and friendly environment which celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and how that’s reflected in their cars. Some of the cars might be loud, out there and extravagant. But we’re not. However you want to be or your car to look, we’re here to help you get the most enjoyment you possibly can.

We encourage our members to step out of the ordinary and into the new. Maybe even start to challenge some of the mainstream perceptions of what a car club is. What’s important though is that you feel encouraged to try something different and be part of a growing community.

Because of our passion for the combustion engine, you’ll often hear us talk about cars but if you don’t know a camshaft from a dipstick, that’s ok too – you’re always welcome at Route 22.

The story behing Route 22 is re-written with every new member that joins. Whether you choose to be a full-on active member of the community or just stop by every now and again with our regulars to say hi, you’ll be part of the Route 22 adventure.