Keeping your clothes pristine for long time starts with taking proper care of them. But which treatment applies to your favourite one-of-a-kind?

We love to share our washing and maintenance tips with you. Warning: information on this page is merely advice. Seeing how every washing machine is different and has their own washing programme, we can’t be held accountable for washing mistakes and/or damage that results from following the advice below. Importantly: never wash your beautiful clothes too many times.

Common issues

It’s essential to wash coloured clothes and white clothes separately. If you wash coloured clothes together with black ones, there’s a big chance that your coloured clothes will get a grey glow. These items have been washed at too hot a temperature.  How do you prevent discolouration? First make sure your laundry is properly divided. Colour with colour and white with white. Don’t use a washing programme that’s too hot and do wash your clothes inside-out. Additionally, we recommend using clothes vinegar and colour catcher clothes.

Everyone’s nightmare. Your clothing came out of the laundry and it shrank. Unfortunately, this cannot be reversed. The clothing has been washed at too hot a temperature. How do you prevent shrinking? It’s recommended never wash your cloths at too hot a temperature, too long or put them in a dryer that’s too hot. Always read the care labels and preferably never wash at a temperature higher than 30 degrees. We recommend always washing on a cold wash.


Lint develops during the wearing and washing of clothes due to the fabric rubbing together. This happens with clothing made of woolly, voluminous fabric. It has nothing to do with quality. How to treat it? You can maintain your clothes with a depiller or lint brush. How to prevent lint? Wash your clothing at wool was hand don’t put it together with sharp objects. Use water of up to 30 degrees and let the item dry on a flat surface and never put it in the dryer.

Material we use

The fabric tends to shrink in the laundry. Therefore, don’t wash your cotton items at a temperature higher than 30 degrees. Wash new products separately. Cotton tends to leak while washing it. You can iron cotton while moist at up to 200 degrees.

This fabric can be washed at a temperature of up to 50 degrees however if you have one of our 3D designs we recommend washing on a cold wash no higher than 30 degrees. We recommend washing the clothes inside-out to avoid lint. You usually don’t need to iron these products.

Do not tumble dry.

Do not iron directly on any prints.