Route 22 isn’t like most of the other car clubs out there. We're more focused on building a community of people that may or may not have a passion for cars. In our efforts to build a supportive and inclusive community we have partnered with several small businesses and startups. We support these businesses by shining spotlight on them while they offer our members certain benefits and discounts. So not only is this a Win-Win situation for all the parties involved, but it also helps in boosting the community experience.

Kleentech Detailing

Kleentech Detailing is a company with a very experienced and talented staff. It offers amazing and high quality detailing services. If you want to get your vehicle detailed then look no further than Kleentech Detailing. Our members can get £15 off on their first auto detail however returning customers don’t have to feel left out as they will also be able to get a discount of £10.

Wavey Fresh

Wavey Fresh is another amazing brand that sponsor us. Wavey Fresh offers a vast range of air freshners and decals that are bound to bring a certain charm to your entire outlook. Route 22 members can use the Promo Code “Route22” in order to get 15% off of all purchases from Wavey Fresh’s website.

Maxton Designs

Maxton Designs is one of our powerhouse partners. It is a global brand that deals in producing car body kits, spoiler, bumpers and many other parts. They have an experienced and creative staff who can help you design items that match and resonate with your car. If you are looking to get your car customised or if you want a new item for your car that enhances its outlook, then look no further than Maxton Designs. Route 22 members can get an attractive 10% off on their purchase from Maxton Designs.

Adrian Flux

It is very important for car owners to have insurance for their cars. As a car club, we always encourage our driver to get insurance from a reliable and trustworthy insurance provider. Adrian Flux is a very popular car insurance company. It is a well respected and trustworthy brand. We have partnered with Adrian Flux to give our members 15% off. It is our honour and privilege to be recognised by a popular insurance company like Adrian Flux.

Route 22 is continuously working to build an inclusive community. We have already partnered with a few startups and companies and we are planning on expanding our network and community by building more useful partnerships in the future.